The Moral Compass

As an etchical creative agency, Nice and Serious only takes on projects that they believe will do some good in the world. But defining a "good" project is not black and white. Therefore, we wanted to create a tool that lets everybody in the company have a say. My goal was to create an interface which made uploading, reading and voting for briefs quick, enjoyable and easy. The Likert scale approach was used to make a simple and anonymous voting system and an overview, which appears after voting, gives a quick overview of the spread of the votes. The tool is purposely not heavily Nice and Serious branded to make it possible to potentially be used by other companies in the future as well.


Hybrid app


My DMJX bachelor project made in collaboration with Nikolaj Stausbøl. A two-edged app for children in kindergarten and their parents and other family members aiming to strengthen the bond between the generations by letting the little ones communicate with their loved ones via still images, stop-motion and video. The adults will only be able to respond in person which ensures physical contact. A big challenge was designing for two very different target groups making a blend of childish and adult graphic elements while respecting the childrens digital skills and not talking down to the adults. The idea and design is based on research that we put in a report.


Concept developement, visual identity, apps and promo video

Festival Rebrand

This was a school exam concluding my second year. The purpose was to completely rebrand a danish music festival called "Danmarks smukkeste festival" (meaning "Denmark's Most Beautiful Festival"). I chose to work with very open designs that rely heavily on images from the festival. The logo, which can be seen both as two leafs or a tent and a leaf, always feature a two-color gradient from the images that it's displayed on. All this to put the feeling of the festival in the center of the viewers' minds and making them feel like they're a part of the event even before buying a ticket.


Visual identity, website and video

Fender Magazine

In this assigment, the task was to make an iPad magazine for the american guitar brand Fender with focus on aesthetic reading rather than efferent reading. Together with Niels Lyngsø and Mads Broni, I created a reading experience in the mood of the 1950s diners – the years in which the first Fender guitars were released. The interactive elements and visual effects are inspired by guitar features such as the vibrating strings.


iPad magazine

One Man's Terrorist

In this school assignment, the objective was to develope a concept site that was centered around Nelson Mandela and South Africa during the time of apartheid. I chose to focus on the 1960 "Sharpville Massacre", the terror acts that followed (left-hand side) and the various reasons that drove the MK to execute them (right-hand side).


Website concept

Young Reporters

The people behind the website www.videnskab.dk wanted to make a subsite called "Young Reporters", where young people, who are in the process of educating themselves, would be able to write articles with substance, but not necessarily with scientific proof.


Website concept


Developed by the danish company At Work A/S, "Sundhedsugle" (meaning "Health Owl" and referring to the common association of the owl as being a clever animal) is an e-learning course, which main focus is to educate people with no medical background about generel health matters. The project, which was put to life back in 2011 together with Søren Jensen, includes, among other things, a campaign site and three short promotional videos.


Visual identity, website and promotional videos

Prince's Trust

Nice and Serious was approached by Prince Charles' organization called Prince's Trust. They wanted a one-page scrolling site which should put focus on what it does to young people when they are out of job and how the Prince's Trust can be a helping hand. I was in charge of coming up with the ideas as to how this site would be layed out, which interactive features it would include and then designing it, while liaising with Peter Larkin who coded it.



The Future Libraries

The Danish School of Media and Journalism was asked to generate ideas for the future's libraries. The libraries lack visits from young people and technology-wise, they are far behind. Nikolaj Stausbøl, Mathias Laurvig and myself made a promotional video for Slagelse Bibliotek (The Library of Slagelse) and it presents our take on what needs to be done in order for the libraries to keep up with the times.


Campaign including video and iPad app mock-ups

So far


Digital Designer at Nice and Serious


Digital Designer at Signifly


Digital Design Intern at Nice and Serious


Bachelor of Visual Communication at DMJX


Digital Design Intern at At Work A/S


Multimedia Designer at KEA

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